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Headington Carriers

Headington Carriers

Headington Carriers Limited has been providing a first class commercialhouse and office removal service throughout Oxfordshire and the UK for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on providing a personalised removal service for all our customers.

Helping clients to move or providing storage facilities throughout the year; the company supplies businesses with a professional removal service. With modern transport and fully qualified staff, the removal service is designed to be cost effective. We have the expertise and reputation to ensure that your move runs as smoothly and effectively as possible.


  • Address Headington Carriers Limited, The Straight Mile, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1PW

One review of “Headington Carriers”

    Colin Rosser

    15th February 2017

    When you have lived somewhere for 37 years, moving is not something you can enter into without a good deal of planning, thought and careful consideration as to which removal company you use. On top of this, moving from over 7,000 square feet of accommodation to somewhere a little over 2,000 square feet certainly brings to mind ’fitting a quart into a pint pot’!

    Given that we were initially moving into rented accommodation whilst obtaining planning permission for our new home gave us some flexibility, there were still three different destinations for our furniture.

    The move was basically carried out over two weeks from the 23rd November to the 6th December.

    We first met Daniel Barrett, the manager of Headington Carriers, on the 27th September and immediately felt we were in safe hands. My worries about moving the snooker table (with 6 x 70 kg slates) from our basement, moving cumbersome gym equipment, large Bay trees planted in huge terracotta pots and a great deal of office equipment, were all put to rest. We accepted their quote which I thought was very reasonable and decided to look no further.

    This company has a depth of resources, with men and vehicles in good supply. No wonder they are first choice for Thames Valley Police and the local NHS.

    As arranged, they dismantled the snooker table and packed all that was needed prior to the 24th and when the actual move happened on that day, everything went to plan. Of course I should have realised ‘that was the easy bit’! We cherry picked the furniture we needed for the rental and my wife soon made it look just like home!

    Getting everything out of a very large house is some task. On that final day the 6th December there were 4 large Headington Carrier Vehicles in our drive and it was bedlam. Two full skips were to be collected and there was a team of cleaners making sure everything was as neat and tidy as possible. It didn’t help that it was a filthy day and didn’t stop raining. The Bay tree pots had absorbed a lot of rain and now weighed something like 100 kg each.

    There was the usual delay with completion but we were out by 2.30pm.

    Some furniture is now in store at Headington Carriers and some of the garden furniture is in the stables at our new site.

    I know moving is not something I have done for a while but we chose the right company and I have no hesitation in recommending Headington Carriers, lead by Peter Barrett, Managing Director and his son Daniel.

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