It’s here, Freshers Week has arrived. We would like to welcome you to what is likely going to be an exciting and hectic week. To help you settle in here are a few places to get your student essentials:

1. Curry’s PC World – For all of your electrical essentials such as a laptop, headphones, USB memory stick and more, which you will be using 24/7.

2. Blackwell’s – For your stationery and academic books, as there is going to be a lot of note taking.

3. Boswell & Co – For your kitchen essentials, such as; pots, pans and cutlery (unless you’re an eat with your hands type of person).

4. Next – For your bedroom essentials like pillows and bedding, as you’ll be needing your beauty sleep, not that you will get much of it!

5. Celebrations Oxford or Frog Orange – For your fancy dress outfit, because you are going to attend at least one Fancy dress party, not forgetting Halloween which is coming up soon! (That’s an essential right?)

6. University of Oxford Shop – For those of you attending the University of Oxford, your top of the range official Oxford merchandise, including hoodies, college scarfs and ties can be bought here.

There are plenty shops in Oxford to satisfy all Freshers needs, so make sure you have a browse of our website to check out some other places if these don’t tickle your fancy. Congratulations and enjoy your time here! The best years of your life are right around the corner.

(Also if you’re planning a night out take a look at our list of Pubs, Clubs and Bars!)